Life in a testosterone fish tank

Some Moms have tea parties, I have Mine craft farts.

Life in a testosterone fish tank:

“KILL, KILL, no LEFT, my Left dork, GO, go, Awe, Dude, YOU KILLED ME, What the HECK!”  frustrated son #1, gaming on line via the Xbox, while, simultaneously, in the family room on the laptop with his cell acting as a Kinect, son #2:
“No, No, A-man, KEEP PUNCHING!  Aidan, seriously, FOCUS!!! Lord oh mighty, did you just Fart!?  Sorry, Dude, my bad, Oh. My. God!  go, GO!! CHOP!  Run, kill the sheep. A-man,  you need more dexterity DUDE, oh my gosh, just passed virtual Gas, it kills them everytime!”

Yep, no dolls here. Just those alien XY’s.

-Joanne Roth Marino