I realized “sucky girls and crappy days” won’t last in the light of awesome sons. ♡

I’m feeling nostalgic, this is my first child’s last few months of high school before he transitions to college in the Fall. I am re-reading those last few years of entries reflecting on those significant moments in our relationship. I’m preparing myself for the next transition, the phase of parenting an adult. Sigh.

October 2014:

My eldest son amazes me in some way, every single day. His compassion when it manages to surface through the craziness of 16 and “clueless male fog” makes me very proud. 

Today, while picking him up from swim practice,  Ben noticed, I’m not quite on par today. He said, “What’s up, Mama? Talk to me.”

After listening quietly, Ben offered this insight: “Mama, in about 35 years, after getting in touch with “my inner husband and father” all you shared with me will make more sense. BUT still, even now, Mama, I know this NOW: Girls of any age suck at times & will be crappy. You will get through these awful hurt feelings. You’ll be ok. You are worth more than a thousand moody girls.” (He meant to say, mean, spiteful women.)

I squeezed him really tight in my arms, sniffled, smacked his cheek with a big kiss and told him, “Ben, you’ll be an awesome boyfriend/husband someday.♡♡♡”

I realized “sucky girls and crappy days” won’t last in the light of awesome sons. ♡

–Joanne Roth Marino

Life in a testosterone fish tank

Some Moms have tea parties, I have Mine craft farts.

Life in a testosterone fish tank:

“KILL, KILL, no LEFT, my Left dork, GO, go, Awe, Dude, YOU KILLED ME, What the HECK!”  frustrated son #1, gaming on line via the Xbox, while, simultaneously, in the family room on the laptop with his cell acting as a Kinect, son #2:
“No, No, A-man, KEEP PUNCHING!  Aidan, seriously, FOCUS!!! Lord oh mighty, did you just Fart!?  Sorry, Dude, my bad, Oh. My. God!  go, GO!! CHOP!  Run, kill the sheep. A-man,  you need more dexterity DUDE, oh my gosh, just passed virtual Gas, it kills them everytime!”

Yep, no dolls here. Just those alien XY’s.

-Joanne Roth Marino