True colors and politics: jumping on the hypocrisy train.

I feel like my sons when they were riding along on trip and impatient to arrive. Peppering the silence with questions marking miles. So, I feel like I’m trapped between hypocrisy riders in this political quagmire. I hear the questions repeat in my head, is it over yet? Are we there yet? Is the political year in America over yet? May I please step off this train of hypocrisy that I  have been swept onto as a bystander? I do not want to take part of the impending train wreck and it will definitely be a train wreck in politics.

Politics just shatters my perceptions of people. It will unequivocally decimate the illusion of them by exposing their true colors of hypocrisy. I am not referencing the political candidates but rather generically, the fb friend, coffee house regular, the school teacher, the congregational member from church, or that man on the street the everyday average Joe.

You can’t shove the big bad attitude Genie back into the bottle after the election people to cover yourself in the illusion of prior perceptions, once exposed always exposed. Think first. Carefully, choose your words, exercising actions wisely before you jump into the fray spewing your righteous sanctimonious true colors.

You’re entitled to opinions. You’re not entitled to assume without research. You are not allowed to be spiteful while expecting to keep your illusion of a dignified pious person. People, we will watch you bleed your hidden colors.

We will take note of  your choices, your carelessness will change the hue of our perceptions, shading what was once seen as a bright aspect in your personality into the visually choatic muddy mess of grays. Once the sham falls, you will reap the change from your actions, those additives of white, blacks and grays is what is left from political fall out, not just a newly elected official but a tarnished you as well.  Rant over.
Joanne Marino