Little boys blue

A Tom Mom, I am not.
However, I am fully entrenched in all aspects blue for boy and so far away from my girly pink upbringing that I feel blended into purple.
My word, I am.
I am Wildcat Purple.

This assimilation into the cultural world of Boys and sports is a gradual insidious brain washing. I am stunned. It’s a shocking realization, how unaware that I have become engaged in any sport currently viewed on our television, regardless of my understanding or genuine interest. It’s there, just beyond my conscious consent. I am at least peripherally aware and tracking the plays. It’s subliminal like music in the ears while reading a book,,except THIS listening against my will. UGH.
I have lost control of the remote.

Beware Boys.
Mama has a game plan, a new kind of family time: The Hallmark Channel.
Hallmark’s new winter line up premiere’s new movies EVERY Saturday Night in January.
Maybe, I am not so far lost that I can’t exact a glimmer of pink torture.

IF, all else fails, I’m cranking up the stereo system and going through our entire 175 CD collection, starting with Barry Manilow and ending with all things 80’s.

Yep, like Barry sings, “I write the songs that make the young girls cry”….well…this Mama WILL sing that song to make teen boys weep!

Maybe, hmmm, a even little dancing to Chaka Kahn, yes indeed, the possibilities are twirling and gyrating in Pink.
Get your game on boys, I’m ready to play and I have the remote.

Thank heavens, there’s still a strong glimmer of girly pink. Phew. 😆

(*The Wildcats are the mascots for our school district.)

-Joanne Roth Marino