Lead a purposeful life

I am tired. I am reaching the end of my patience. I am losing the strength to be diplomatic by extending conciliatory gestures to those who continue to participate in ugliness.

I don’t need to blame the various vehicles of social media for serving my daily diet of instability and disappointment. A quick turn left or right in my life, my work, my church or my town at large will slap down a very cold serving dish of disillusionment delivered by the most self-righteous tongues spewing hateful doses of spite.

I am disappointed by adults, who have chosen to practice uncivilized behaviors. Mature adults should be well schooled in another person’s right to hold opposing opinions. Unfortunately, so many people, eg.. community leaders, educators, neighbors and friends have quickly decimated another’s character simply because the other’s viewpoints did not coincide with their own perceived ideologies.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, see Pot reflect Kettle.
Please, don’t preach oppression, when in fact,
you have become hateful by turning thoughtful discussion into personal attacks on character. YOU are not practicing respect within your own community of peers, friends and family. Especially, when your words are not received as superior wisdom and opinions are not bent to your viewpoint. YOU are practicing suppression of another person’s right to disagree with your own perceptions.
YOU HAVE BECOME a reflection of your own most hated oppressions and behaviors.

I know this discord is greater than my mind’s comprehension and yet, what I do understand has astounded and disillusioned me. I did not foresee such harmful behavior from within my own circle of community. It is unfathomable to me the disrespect one person will quickly unleash with spiteful speech or comment. Sanctimonious responses rendered without care, pitting friends against friends, all because you cannot agree to disagree?! This unconscionable behavior overwhelms my peace of mind.

I cannot halt my unease which roils in my stomach, as I know this social and political era of time is beyond my capability to resolve. I need divine intervention to reconcile hurtful behaviors. So, I bow my head, I close my eyes as I whisper many prayers for understanding and mercy for all those people untethered from kindness through disrespectful behaviors.

I am afraid of THOSE mindsets from neighbors, friends and everyday passersby who instigate unrest by undermining civil behaviors.
Poorly chosen words and intentional actions have split families, ignited civil unrest by dividing nations, prompted wars, and dissolved countries into nothing more than faded memories on history pages.

Truly folks, “you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean”. Your words have a rippling effect towards the erosion of the most basic of civility; the respectful regard for another’s right to differ from your own convictions while living side by side, peaceably.
This nation has always been a mix of differences, ideas and thoughtful purpose…. we have the right to our beliefs and not be persecuted. We should motivate change to overcome those broken places in more effective ways than seen these many weeks and months past. Effective change does not undermine or devalue another and lasting change cannot stand in the face of aggression and division.

My thoughts may be simplistic to many who perceive my views too contrived to be realistic; but I am hopeful, we will collectively become aware of those destructive behaviors by CHOOSING to cease harmful reactions. I cannot help but remember those of my Mother’s lessons, “think before you speak”, “treat others as you would have others treat you” and “those who cast stones should not live in glass houses.” It seems so basic to me, what is right to do was learned so long ago as the golden rules. So simple.

I believe common decency will be restored by thoughtful participation in this life we share, if we practice a life in service “to others by word, thoughts and deeds”.
I am hopeful my continual prayers will provide insight and gentle reminders to me. Patience to help model my behavior to respond effectively in the face of aggressive differences by choosing to pause, and edit my thinking before reacting.

I truly understand the wisdom in the mantra:

“Be the change, you want to see in this world”.

I am saddened others do not want to BE purposeful.
Choosing to BECOME something other than destructive by leading a life in service to others.
Becoming what our Lord sacrificed for all on that cross, the resurrection of a dedicated and purposeful life.

The wisdom acquired by seeking a common ground in the mix of ideas, opinions and beliefs from a community of diversity will bring about peaceful contentment.

Be the change. Be the leading example of hope. Be the rain on fallow fields. Be the wind to carry the seeds. Be the farmer ready to cultivate change. Be that….be purposeful.