Today was a hard day.

Today was a hard day.
The day, where character lessons are tested and parenting for the future over the indignity of the moment is crucial.

Where you want to rage over someone’s ineptitude because it cost your son his opportunity to shine.

Watching the shock of it wash over your son’s face as the unfairness settles in the pit of his stomach. While squeezing his heart into anxiety, at the reality, this chance denied at someone else’s hand is irrevocable.

Punished for someone else’s mistake.

Wondering, why, and whether he should have challenged the request but didn’t, instead trusting the authority.
Following the rules and being denied fairness.

This moment becomes the joy of years of hard work. The pivotal moment in his youth, where he shines. Watching your child’s character lead his response and actions.

He owns this moment as one hard lesson in life, sharing his part in the collapse, taking responsibility, then placing it in those internal boxes of lessons learned and stored.

As friends gather towards him commiserating, he tells them, its OK, lets focus on you. It’s over, nothing will change the outcome, I won’t be miserable, it will not gain me anything.

As he gathers his character like a badge of honor moving forward to support his friends as their moment is yet to arrive, with grace and dignity.
When in reality, he’s disappointed, upset over disappointing his parents, school, friends and self.

Changing and adapting into the coach not the singular athlete.
The determination to stand among them, encouraging them to reach for their moment, cheering them on with the outward appearance of calm and happiness.

Internalizing this moment for future campaigns. Cementing his determination, reorganizing his approach to prevent any one from derailing his goals by owning the responsibility: it ultimately lies with him, accepting failures with out bitterness.

Vulnerable, yet determined.
Respectful, yet responsible.
Stronger, yet humble.
Triumphant over disappointment.

This day, where character lessons were forged.
The day, where parenting for his future has persevered over the indignity of the moment.
This day, when he has shown his character is crucial to his success and he doesn’t compromise his dignity or self respect.

This day, where parenting is triumphant.


~ Joanne Roth Marino